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The Tone clan was the head of a powerful family in Fukui region. However the clan was under the influence of Sengoku era and wandered about place to place.


Tone Tojuro Munenori, the head priest mastered the innermost secret of Otsubo school equestrian skill, and Nagasogabe Atsunori pointed him to against the Tokugawa clan at Osaka Fuyunojin and Natsunojin war in Osaka.  However, the fortunes of war was against the Tone clan and was he had pilgrimage with six friendship and came to Kokubuso areas which is now located at Higashikokubu, Kinokawa in Wakayama.  Then, Munenori ordained to become a Shin Buddhist priest and built a small hall as Buddhist temple.  The Hongwanji which is headquarters of Shin Buddhist tradition gave the Tone clan the name of temple, Jokoji Buddhist temple, and the Tone clan received a Buddhist statue of Amida Buddha from the headquarters.


Later, the name of Jokoji was the same of Buddhist name of Shogun Tokugawa Tsunayoshi, then the name had been changed as Joganji which was received the name from the Hongwanji in 1710.  Quarters of the head priest and the family had built in 1820s.  The building has been remained as Bukeyashiki, the Samurai residence.


The Tone clan inherits generation to generation the family temple, and Reverend Hojo Tone becomes the head priest, the fifteenth generation in 2016.

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