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Services & Practices

Our Temple offers the regular weekly practice, Wednesday and Sunday.  We also teach Enlilish for our Dharma School children on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday with meditation practice.  Our priests officiate family ansester's memorial service for our practitioners and members.  We have varieties of programs.
Dharma Practices


Joganji Temple offers the regular Buddhist pracitce.


Sutra Chanting and Meditation:

Every Morining Practice at 5 AM (April - September) 

Every Morning Practice at 6 AM (Octover - March)


Sutra Reading & Studying Class:

Every Wednesday at 7 PM ​​

Sunday Dharma Practice

Chanting, Meditation, and Dharma talk at 10 AM


​To inquire about any of our services

Dharma School for Kids

Children's gathering at Joganji Temple!!!


English for Kids with Meditation Practice:
​Every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 2 PM - 6 PM


Sunday Dharma School:

Every Sunday at 9 AM


Spring and Summer Event for Children:

Every March and August, Stay at Temple 




​To inquire about any of our services

Memorial Service

Hoji (a Buddhist service) referred originally to the teachings of the Buddha, and familiarization with the heart of the Buddha. However, it later came to refer in general to a Buddhist ritual or ceremony, or a memorial service for the deceased.
In a memorial service, the chief mourner (seshu) gains merit through virtuous deeds like offering food, drink, and flowers to the Buddha, or chanting sutras. S/he then transfers this merit to his/her deceased family members and ancestors, making a prayer that all beings, including him/herself, attain the Buddhist Path.
As chief mourner, it is important that one understand the meaning and appropriate manners for the service so that it can be carried out earnestly.


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