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Services, Practices, and Events

There are virieties of any activities at our temple, Every day practice, Chanting, Reading Sutras, Meditation, Dharma School for Children, Young Buddhist Association, Senior Buddhist Association, Ladies Buddhist Asociation, and other social comassionate dana pracitce.  Please visit this page and see what we do and done.
Summer Fun!  O-Bon Service and Activities 2017

In the summer morning, Kids around the city got together at Joganji temple.  First, We chanted the sutra and offered the incense.  Rev. HOJO delivered the Dharma message about Gratitude of LIFE.  Kids listened, reflected, and shared their thoughts and minds through the message.  Then, we made Chochin-lantern craft.  They made their own lantern with many colors.  And then, We had bingo game and kids got many prize.  We had rise curry with their parents.  We had a great time with all people.  See you next year!   

Farewell and Welcome Activities for
Elementary School Students at Spring 2017 

The Dharma message was delivered by Rev. HOJO sensei.  He talked about "gratitude in life-and-death."   At lunch, we had Japanese style curry.  Everybody enjoyed the taste.  After lunch, throw and catch rice cakes with chidlren.  This is Japanese traditional cultural activity, it is called mochinage.   ​English Class students and temple members had great time and enjoyed the day with the guests and speakers.  

Dharma Activities Summer 2016:
Dharma Talk & Making Uchiwa Fan

Chilren's FUN Activities 2016!    Fun!!! & Fan!!!: 

Dharma message was given by Sensei HOJO.  He talked about 1 + 1 = 1 , not 2

We all are living together, you, everthing and me.  We are interconnected in the dharma.  He also shared the poem which is a Ryokan (1758-1831)'s, a Zen monk, wrote.  It goes like this:   "A Japanese maple leaf   It turns to show its back   It turns to show its front   Before it is time to fall"

Fun Activity is making own Uchiwa Fan.  Children enjoyed to drow, paint, and write to their fans.   It was thought that Uchiwa Fan is evil spirits can be driven away.

Farewell and Welcome Party for
Elementary School Students at Spring 2016 

The guest speaker for parents was Resercher Ogawa from Kyoto Univ., the dharma message and activities for children were Rev Hojo, and the medical advice for children and parents was Dr. Satomi. 

English Class students and temple members had great time and enjoyed the day with the guests and speakers.  

Dharma School Children at Summer Event 2015

Reverend Hojo and guest priests organized a summer event for Dharma School Children. 

English Class students and temple members got together and pracitced meditation, sutra chanting, listened to the dharma message, and enjoyed activiy with snack.

The activity was to make Nenju beads for mindful meditation.  D-Kids enjoyed to have their own mindfulness beads and adults as well.

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