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About Family Member

One day in Spring 2014, a bird pooped on the temple yard.  I have never seen like that poop.  A couple of days later in the early morning, I heard the sound of voice seemed to say, "who-o-o, who- o-o."  It's owl!!!  I looked around where the voice is coming from.  "I see YOU!!!" 

Since then, he/she is living at our temple yeard.  Our temple for him/her has become a home ground.

Many people visit our temple and see him/her for good luck, good fortune, peace, and happiness with pray.

We call his/her name is Malo which means sharing wisdom and comassion.

Malo 2
Malo 3
Malo 4
Malo 5
Malo 6
Malo 7
Malo 8
Malo 1
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