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Thank you for your Dharma message to all parents in the world!!!

Tiana, 6 years old girl gives us the life lessen after her parents divorced. I reflect on myself that I had like you experienced. I mean I dicorced and left my sweet 2 years old girl, Juna with ex-wife. I have memories we spent time but only for 2 and half years. You are stil living with me in my heart and mind, of course with your mom too. I love you forever!!! In the dharma From me...

Excuse me, This is my personal life reflection, but I just wanted to share with you that the beautiful child hurt and wound by what her parents divorced. There are of course reasons why parents have to divorce. Of course parents do not want to divorce. But, ... Sorry for children. I love you.

This is LIFE, but not forget LOVE.

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